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Live in the Spirit
W.I.N.S for You (Wisdom-Inspiration-Natural-Solutions)

w/ Wallace "The Motivator" Durham

Rarely do you get the chance to meet an individual who speaks their mind, accomplishes their mission and helps others in the pursuit of their goals. In Wallace Durham you find such a person. Known for his accept the challenge way of life, the Atlanta, Georgia native believes in visualization and communicating with your inner self as keys to success that has made him a well appreciated speaker in various areas.

Wallace has an energetic and captivating speaking presence. Stimulating audience awareness using current events, humor and spirituality are trademarks of his presentations. With over 20 years in the area of sales, marketing and credit, he uses his written and oratory skills to encourage resolutions to complex situations. An accomplished athlete as a teenager in track, swimming, gymnastics, football and basketball while at De Witt Clinton High School, Mr. Durham has taken what he has learned in sports and coaching to assist him in relating to others with what could be perceived to be their limitations. A practitioner of various martial arts for 33 years, he also has been able to keep a mind and body harmony in times of his own personal trials.

Growing up in The Bronx, New York in the 60ís & 70ís with his mother the well loved Bertha Leonard, his step dad and 3 sisters, Wallace knew that he would one day have to be strong enough to carry the load of manhood. He still thanks her today for giving him and the family words of wisdom to live by. He makes sure her, his beautiful wife Adele, son, 2 daughters, grandson and all family members are constantly in communication to solidify the family bond. "You cannot begin to look outside your own family when discovering who you are and the reason to be a leader. Our future generations depend on us to be the first teachers in the school of life."

A graduate of Hunter College in New York City, Mr. Durham earned his Bachelors of Arts in Communications. There he was Publicity Director for WRFH Radio and writer for the Black Student Union newsletter. He is a former Vice President and Area Governor for Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters in Decatur, Georgia. As an Advanced Toastmaster Silver (ATMS) he placed 1st in an area speech contest in 2004 and mentored several up and coming speakers. As a member of Speakers Mastermind Group he was instrumental in the motivational speakers showcase Impact 2001 for the Black Expo at The Georgia World Congress Center.

His business venture Discover The Best In You specializes in Business Consulting, Youth Development, Athletic Coordination and Drug/Alcohol Counseling. Wallace is available for Key Note Speeches, Seminars and Customized Training.
wallacedurham@yahoo.com 770-815-9102

What They Are Saying About Wallace

"Thank you for agreeing to address my first year business seminar class. Your expertise on public speaking and communications skills will go a long way to enhance the professional development of these impressionable students."
Dennis D. Kimbro, Ph. D
Author, Professor at Clark Atlanta University

"Thank you Mr. Wallace Durham for the words of wisdom in our Cadet Parent Orientation. Instilling the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, the unit needs community leaders such as you to assist in helping our cadets grow as leaders. Please do not stop here in your journey to motivating young people to become movers and shakers of Atlanta, Georgia and the entire United States."
Lt. Senior Naval Science Instructor
Commander Fred Espy

"There is no feeling like when an organization that you have put so much time and energy into meets and even exceeds expectations. You are one of your organizations greatest assets."
Toastmasters International
Denise L. Majette
Member of Congress

"Mr. Durham, We at NBA Columbia Community Connections, Inc. would like to extend our heart appreciation to share your knowledge and expertise on the subject of Young Parents in the New Millennium. The feedback from the participants has been quite positive. You are to be commended for your willingness to contribute your services towards the maintenance and support of healthy families in the Dekalb Community."
Lakisha Stiggers
Program Coordinator

"Be assured if Wallace were to return back to New York, he would be on our staff within a week. And, if your company prizes hard work, intelligence and professionalism- you would want to act similarly."
Jerry Ashton, President
Ashton-Hunter Associates

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