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Health is a Family Affair

w/ Akosua Ali-Sabree, Sakinah Ali-Sabree and Prof. Hajii Salim Ali

Akosua Ali-Sabree, a published author and co-founder of Ujima Press Real Communication is the founder and visionary CEO of Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), organizer and peace and wellness minister of Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM), and the program director of the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo-www.locksconference.com. She has been a wholistic health and wellness advocate, educator and counsellor for over 35 years. She specializes in nutrition, spiritual counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming and stress management. Dr. Ali-Sabree or Mama Akosua as she is affectionately called by her students and clients, revels in her capacities as wife, mother, active grandmother, CEO, mentor, professional registered nurse, certified clinical wholistic hypnocounsellor, wellness coach, NLP master practitioner, stress management trainer, registered behavior therapist, network marketing professional, Naturopathy student, intuitive writer, urban generalist, and an ordained minister with a doctorate in divinity. Her mission for many years has been to promote healthy reconnecting of Spiritmindbody™ and make good health contagious. She is known for the calming and powerful way she uses everyday conversation to provide spiritual and transformational counselling. Her written works are often witty, fun to read, intensely moving, and prophetically insightful.

To contact AWC Amadi Wellness Connection 215-438-8189/ 215-449-1108 or visit the link listed above.

Sakinah Ali-Sabree, a radio show host and producer, a very talented writer, published author, dancer, Life Skills Counselor, astute conference and workshop facilitator, and founder of the budding Sankofa Fine Arts & Recreation Center, is an honor graduate of Lincoln University and Hampton University. She is certified as a guidance counselor and behavior therapist with a bachelor of arts in psychology and a master of art in counselling. Currently she is the school guidance counselor at a Philadelphia middle school. Sakinah Ali-Sabree also a published author is the executive director of Sankofa Consulting Group {SCG}. Under her direction, SCG provides group and individual counselling, a variety of wholistic youth programs, and leadership training and program development services. In addition to conducting various groups for young people such as Anger Management, Grief, and Communications, she serves as the energetic coordinator of Know Thy Self Youth Day and the proficient operations manager of the popular Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo. Her keen spicy poetic observations are inspiring, refreshing, practical, and demonstrate consciousness and a robust love of humanity. They contain a positive and vigorous call for action. She is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Above and beyond their counselling and writing, Akosua and Sakinah Ali-Sabree’s live performances are filled with soothing rhythms, and punctuated with exciting and thought provoking rhymes. This lively mother and daughter team perform under the name Seasons of the Mind. Their verses touch the listeners in a special way and provide an opportunity to breathe, relax, and just be!

Professor Hajii Salim Ali, founder of We Print T-shirts, is a noted entrepreneur, community leader, graphic artist, youth programs coordinator, and longtime tennis instructor, knowledgeable lecturer of liberty and freedom. Professor Ali is also the founder of the Strawberry Mansion Tennis Association, organizer of the annual Strawberry Mansion Tennis association summer tournament, and the executive director of the Ali Research and Development Institute.


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